About us

Sergey Polischuk
Managing Partner


At all times, trust has always been and will be the basis of all human relationships: personal, work, social and economic.

Recent years have uncovered this once more. Loss of trust between government, rating agencies and financial institutions is one of the most significant examples. This has become a cause of the global economy crisis and its consequences will be notable for years

Spectating the attempts of numerous European countries to maintain protectionist policies opposing to the European Union goals we are once again talking about a crisis of trust. The situation is aggravated so fast that stopping it is rather difficult but still quite real.

Therefore, one of the key tasks of the audit in current conditions, on my opinion, should be strengthening the trust between the company and customers, information consumers and business.

A true friend always tells the truth and to speak the truth means to build trust.

We strive to be the best friends of your business.